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B2B Zero to Ten

Jun 29, 2021

Getting known, getting leads, and getting sales are all part of online marketing. But the popularity of paid ads shifted businesses to think of marketing as merely budget considerations.

However, SEO pioneer Damon Burton believes that SEO is making a full circle as more entrepreneurs get burned out by paid ads.

Damon has been in the SEO space for almost 15 years and has seen its evolution over the years. He has worked with a wide variety of businesses from mom and pop stores to multi-billion dollar companies and startups. 

Listen to him as he shares why SEO remains a strong choice for long-term online marketing efforts and how SEO should be done right over a period of time to experience its full benefits.


We’ll talk about:

  1. Damon as an early adopter of SEO [02:13]
  2. The evolution of SEO and paid ads [04:26]
  3. Why SEO is more stable and scalable than paid ads [05:38]
  4. Long term and short term objectives of SEO [09:17]
  5. Understand your audiences when doing paid ads [14:13]
  6. The difference between transactional item and emotional purchase [16:10] 
  7. Why simplistic websites outperform the most visually amazing websites [17:43]
  8. Do the content you feel comfortable making [21:35]
  9. Audio content transcripts are pleasing to search engines [25:15]
  10. The role of schema in helping search engines understand your website [27:53]
  11. SEO has the biggest return on profit and better client retention [32:03]
  12. What to look for when outsourcing SEO work for your business [35:13]
  13. How social proof helps build your social media credibility [39:19]
  14. Figure out what format works for you [46:22]
  15. The one (actually two) thing that Damon recommends [52:23]


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About Our Guest:

Damon Burton has been in the Search Engine Optimization space for almost 15 years and is one of the early adopters of SEO. His company, SEO National, has optimized websites for INC5000 companies, NBA teams, and businesses featured on Shark Tank.

Burton has published the SEO book, "Outrank: Your Guide to Making More Online By Showing Up Higher on Search Engines and Outranking Your Competition." He also has tons of published articles in Forbes, 

He is a husband and father of three and has been featured on Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed, USA Weekly, and has spoken at conferences.


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