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B2B Zero to Ten

Jun 8, 2021

Growing a startup at this time is different from what it used to be.

It will take more than the sales call and networking and promoting features and benefits.

In another episode focused on digital transformation, digital marketing, and branding, Little Bird Marketing’s own Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney gives her own take on what every founder should be doing now to scale their startup.

It’s time to get with the times, so tune in to grab these awesome digital marketing takeaways.

We’ll talk about:

  1. Priscilla’s amazing work on marketing [02:35]
  2. How companies can cut through the noise [04:59]
  3. Getting the branding and message aligned [10:50]
  4. It’s no longer sales enablement because the buyer has control [15:59]
  5. Ask yourself how you can help your customer [18:35]
  6. Your team doesn’t want the company reliant on the founder [23:04]
  7. How startups can connect with their audience [26:05]
  8. Why you shouldn’t sell: Two things that happen before a buying decision [29:52]
  9. Why you should continue to take care of current clients [33:44]
  10. Having a great product or service just won’t cut it anymore [41:25]
  11. The one thing Priscilla recommends [43:01]

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About Our Guest:

As the CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney helps their clients with inbound marketing and social media lead generation. As a creative team, Little Bird is dedicated to providing top-notch content marketing solutions and strategic insights to our amazing clients.  This award-winning digital agency serves revenue-minded leaders. Their proprietary content marketing system called S.O.A.R helps those looking to scale who need confidence for the short-term and long-term goals. 

Priscilla is also the host of Ponderings from the Perch podcast.

Get in touch with Priscilla through her LinkedIn or Twitter.


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