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B2B Zero to Ten

Apr 27, 2021

Selling to a founder’s network is very different from selling to those outside the network.

As startups reach that threshold, they find that what worked before is no longer getting them the leads to scale and grow.

So for my 100th episode, I got back my first guest, Tim Caito. Tim and I revisit what he talked about before, the value and power of differentiation. Now, I believe this has become increasingly valuable as buyer expectations have become much higher. 

In this digital-first world we’re in, what are the things startups need to do as they’re planning to scale?

Well, you’d have to tune in to find out.


We’ll talk about:

  1. Tim’s background and the work he does [02:36]
  2. Sometimes founders end up as barriers to their startup’s growth [04:54]
  3. Selling is just problem solving [08:40]
  4. Crazy founder syndrome is real and it’s a problem [15:03]
  5. What makes you different makes you relevant [22:35]
  6. Tim’s process of reverse engineering and forward engineering differentiation [29:56]
  7. Aim to get the collective ‘Yes’ [34:43]
  8. Make your differentiation relevant to the customer [36:22]
  9. Customer expectations are now much higher [41:29]
  10. Sheer volume won’t get you to where you want to go [45:49]
  11. The one thing Tim recommends [52:07]


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About Our Guest:

With over 40 years of sales, management, professional development, and business consulting experience, Tim Caito has been helping organizations win better deals and improve critical seller-buyer relationships. Tim is Senior Partner at Force Management, where he is responsible for Customer Success and Strategy. His previous work experience includes helping teams create and execute sales strategies and providing global sales training to transform the productivity and profitability of sales organizations.

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